Benefit’s World Famous Neutrals

On the hunt for a thirtieth birthday present, my friend asked the indian lady at the Benefit counter for advice on what she herself she used. This dinky eye shadow kit was the answer.

Benefit’s World Famous Neutrals Most Glamorous Nudes Ever contains six separate eyeshadows, four power and two cream of varying gold, brown and neutral shades. As with all of Benefit’s offerings the retro packaging is very cute and well designed, with a mirror (good quality but a little too tiny for my tastes) and some tutorials on how best to use the colours to create different looks.

Although I love this set I must say that I mainly use the three colours mentioned in the kit’s playtime tutorial – my two cents (a golden shimmer cream, which makes an excellent base), kiss me, i’m tipsy (a gold-flecked deep brown) and gilt-y pleasure (a golden powder). Used together they can be combined to create a glamorous golden look that I think works well in the day as well as night.

The second cream, birthday suit, shows up well on my eye but is just a little too silver based for my taste while it’s complicated is an iridescent gold/pink that looks amazing on the palm of my finger but fails to make much of an impression on my eyelid. Call my bluff is a matt shell colour that I’ve tried to use as a highlighter, but ultimately always prefer other shadows in my collection.

However in my opinion my two cents is more than enough to make up for this. It’s a cream I’ve found I reach for again and again, yet still seems to be relatively unused. I’ve also found kiss me, i’m tipsy to be a great crease colour, dark enough to make a real difference, where other shadows don’t really show up. And gilt-y pleasure looks great at the corner of the eye, as well as taken along the inner section of the lower lash line for extra definition and glitz. The one flaw I’d say is that the powders aren’t the best at blending, in particular the glittery shades are a little scratchy and not as soft as other shadows I’ve used.

Ultimately I love the simplicity of having three great shades that work for me in one easy to use kit which is why this is definitely one of my favourites. So while the name is a bit of a mouthful –  it’s a title it might just live up to. What do you think?


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