Discontinued favourites

Firstly let me apologise for the state of the make up in these photos. As you’ve probably gathered from the title these products are oldies, but goodies.

Unfortunately they’re not being made anymore.

You might be wondering why I’m blogging about make up that’s no longer available to buy. Simply put, they’re just so good I couldn’t not. And more selfishly I’m on a mission to find dupes.

First up is Moon Beam an apricot coloured highlighter from Benefit. On warm and slightly yellow-tinged skin tones like my own Moon Beam works like a dream. I use it in a V-shape around the outer edge of my eye to illuminate my brow and cheek bones with a gentle irridescent shimmer.

Moon Beam used to be part of a suite of liquid highlighters offered by Benefit of which High Beam and Sun Beam still remain. High Beam is great for pale skin tones but is just too pink-based for me. And while Sun Beam suits better it’s really not a replacement for Moon Beam, instead giving a more straightforward golden bronze glow.

The second product is a cream to power blusher from Topshop. Called Neon Rose this was actually the last one in the shop when I bought it and I’ve never seen it since.

Anyone who’s tried the Topshop blushes knows they’re really good value. For around £6 you get a blush that’s nicely pigmented, is easy to apply and blend with your fingers (I’ve found this much easier than using a brush) and has a pretty good mirror too.

While I find most coral coloured blushes still have quite a pink base Neon Rose is a pure coral – with an almost fluorescent orange tone that I absolutely adore. What could be quite a striking colour works really well on darker skin, giving a just worked out flush to my cheeks at least. Ever since I’ve owned this I’ve been on the look out for similar coloured blushes. Unfortunately I’m still yet to find one.

Luckily I’ve still got quite a way to go before I run out of either Moon Beam or my beloved Neon Rose. But do you have any tips for highlighters or blushers when I do? And are there any products you love that are no longer around?




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