Lucious reds

When it comes to make up looks I always tend to veer towards the understated than the dramatic. However when, a few years ago, I was invited to a 50s party* I felt the time was right to give a bold red lip a whirl.

Having no idea what would suit me I popped into my local MAC counter and ended up with Viva Glam 1, a dark red lipstick, containing just a touch of brown. As a matte lippy Viva Glam 1 has incredible staying power. When I first tried it the lady at the MAC counter applied it over lipliner at around 3pm; it lasted me right through to the evening with no reapplication. However even on its own it wears really well – I’m always amazed when I take a sip of drink to find no marks left behind on the glass.

I’d asked the lady to choose a shade that suits my skin tone and she picked out this one, as apparently the blue tone of it complements darker skins. However I’ve got to say I’m still not entirely convinced. While sometimes I think it looks great (and my friends always comment positively when I wear it) sometimes I feel it emphasises my yellow undertones just a little too much. Others with similar skin tones have raved about this colour though so it’s definitely one worth trying out yourself.

Sticking with the dark reds is a more recent addition to my make up bag – Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Lip Colour in Your Majesty. I love this colour. Much more of a wine red than my MAC Viva Glam, this lipstick gives a great autumnal, sophisticated look. I feel really comfortable wearing it, which is saying something for somebody who doesn’t usually go bold with her make up.

The only downside is that, because it’s more of a moisturising glossy formula, the staying power is nowhere near as long. It definitely needs topping up throughout the day and I often find myself losing colour towards the inner parts of my lips. However as long as you do keep reapplying the pigmentation is really good and you can get a great colour with just one sweep of the bullet.

So there’s two red lippys that are worth a try. Have you found any others that I should give a go?


* I’ve since found out that red lippy was more of a 40s thing, apparently the 50s was more a time for pink tones.


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