On unwanted hair

As you may notice from the date of my last blog post I’ve been out of action on here for a while. It’s not just to do with laziness (though admittedly that has played a part) but because me and my backpack have been off travelling for the last six months.

Deciding to go travelling brings up many questions. Where should I go? Will I make friends? Am I going to be safe? But for many darker skinned ladies another question arises – how do I deal with unwanted facial hair while I’m on the road?

I’ve tried out all types of hair removal methods over the years – from depilatory creams to waxing. Before I left I’d settled on a routine of getting my upper lip threaded every few weeks or so and in-between bleaching the growing hairs with the old faithful Jolen.

However I’ve always found bleaching a bit hit or miss and didn’t want to be reliant on stumbling across salons that offer threading so I went on the hunt for travel-friendly methods of removing that unwanted ‘tache.

After much searching on Google and YouTube I stumbled upon something called a spring facial hair remover. These are essentially small coiled metal springs that you roll over your skin to remove growing hairs. The spring traps hair in it pulling them out in a similar way to threading.

Although lots of the springs I saw online were straight and super flexible I ended up buying a more rigid version from Tweezerman simply because I could get it from Boots rather than having to buy online. There weren’t loads of reviews about this particular model so I was a little reticent but you know what, it works!


To use the Tweezerman facial hair remover you need to lie the spring flat against your face while rotating the two handles towards each other. It’s super easy but does take a little while to get used to and often requires you to go over the same area again and again to pick up all the hairs. I tend to use it every time I can see the hairs on my lip need to be tended to (my laziness again) but I think for best results it would be better to use it every 2-3 days to keep growth at bay.

I won’t lie, it does hurt, but for me the pain is pretty manageable and no worse than threading or waxing your upper lip. Because the spring picks up both noticeable black hairs and teeny tiny ones it hurts more than, say, plucking but you really do get used to it over time. And what’s good for me is that it was super easy to carry around, is not at all messy to use and doesn’t involve paying a salon every few weeks or so. It can also be used time and time again, it just needs cleaning every now and then.

So I’m totally converted. I think I might still head to the salon for occasional threading – and I did get my lip threaded before the very first time I used my spring, just so I was starting from a sparser base. But it’s done me well for the last six months and finally I feel like I don’t have to wait for my whole upper lip to grow back before I can do something about it.



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