Rimmel eyeliner: three ways

As a darker skinned woman one of my favourite makeup products is jet black eyeliner. I personally favour a liquid eyeliner streaked across my top lid, a smokey kohl isn’t really for me.

Over the last years I’ve tended towards high street brands – particularly Rimmel’s eyeliners – which I’ve found give good colour while also being pretty kind on the wallet.

At this moment in time I’ve got three Rimmel eyeliners in my makeup stash so thought it would be the perfect moment to whip them all out for a quick compare and contrast. So lets go.

Rimmel Glam’Eyes Professional Liquid Liner (£5.29 at Boots)

The first Rimmel eyeliner I owned was this one, an inky black liquid in a pot plus brush in the lid for application. As such it has a special place in my heart.

I love the intense black of this liner, though tend to find that the cat eye does wear away through the day (in fact this happens with all of them). As long as I don’t rub my eye too much the staying power’s pretty good though. As the brush is pretty fine it’s great if you want a thin line or to be super specific about application. However on the downside this means you need lots of layers for a thicker look – I had to go over my eye about three times to create the line in the photo.

I also find that the liquid on the brush often ends up on my eyelashes while I’m applying – fine when you’re going to go in with mascara afterwards, but something to watch out for to make sure you don’t get black ink everywhere.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Thick and Thin Eyeliner (£5.49 at Superdrug)

I’ve mentioned this liner before. It’s a felt tip liner, with a flat nib that allows you to draw both thick and thin lines, although Rimmel do a thin nib version too. When I first bought this I wasn’t totally sold on it but now comparing it directly I realise that the application is far easier than the bendy brush of Glam’Eyes. The thicker side of the nib means that you only really need one glide, with a little bit of retouching to achieve a thicker line. However I will say that it doesn’t feel or look as inky black as Glam’Eyes, being ever so slightly more sheer.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (£6.99 at Boots)

The final liner is a gel, which comes in a pot along with a little brush for application. Now the brush is ok, perfectly acceptable, but I think application would probably benefit from a higher quality one, which could also help with drawing thinner lines if desired.

For me gel eyeliners are always more fiddly to apply so I don’t usually tend to reach for this liner if others are in reach but if I do I’m often pleasantly surprised. I took me a little while to get the hang of using this but I find that the gel tends to give a less harsh, almost smoky kohl effect which I quite like.

So there you go – one brand, three eyeliners. Which do you prefer?




8 thoughts on “Rimmel eyeliner: three ways

  1. niamhbradley says:

    This seriously shows how you don’t need to splurge ridiculous amounts of money for makeup essentials! I love the first look you created with the pen, looks super sharp. I am a fan of the Maybelline Hypersharp liners, you definitely get more control via that style! I’ll definitely be looking at the Rimmel ones from now on x


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